We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.
— Walt Disney
Filming on location for Luna Sandals

Filming on location for Luna Sandals

Who we are

We are creative professionals. But not the kind that create boring infomercials. What we do is take ideas, concepts and visions, and turn them into reality, through what ever media format is needed. We are based in the beautiful state of Idaho, known for not just potatoes, but for creativity, technology and business. Our talented team of cinematographers handles projects of nearly every scale and genre, from single-camera studio
interviews to multi-camera, multi-crew commercial
shoots, in multiple locations around the world. We connect with audiences through creative storytelling. Regardless of the format or genre, we approach every project the same way: tell the most compelling story. As a full-service video production studio, we create, and execute projects from beginning to end. This gives us the unique ability to maintain the highest caliber of creative integrity all the way through.

What we do

At Silverline, we create dynamic visual experiences through video production and photography. There are many video production companies out there, but what separates us from the masses is the personal touch, with an eye for editing, videography, and an ear for music, captured the spirit and heart of each and every project. Anyone can pick up a camera and shoot a video, but it takes a professional to visualize the end product before the first image is created. Our team consists of extremely talented professionals who capture and create emotion, bringing success to our clients. No matter the size or scale of the project, we work hard to produce the best media product that tells a story, and shares a message that brings people to action. From our first meeting through completion of the project, we collaborate with you as a creative partner. Your video is brought to life by a team of accomplished professionals, completely aligned behind a single vision.

Doing what it takes to get the shot

Doing what it takes to get the shot

Meet The Team

Micah Ness - Co-owner

Micah grew up between Idaho and Alaska, pursuing his passion for video, photography and outdoor adventure. He loves to share his outdoor experiences with others through guided adventures and cinematography. His work has taken him into foreign countries for marketing businesses, and has guided clients from around the world. His desire to create compelling and powerful visual creations, shows through in every video, and creative endeavor. He lives life on the edge, pursuing extreme sports such as Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Kayaking and Ultra Trail Running. His extensive backcountry experience creates a unique advantage when producing videos in the outdoors, where knowledge and physical conditioning is critical to a successful project.



Twitter: @micahness  –  Instagram: @wildernesspro  –  Linkedin: Micah Ness

Josiah Ness - Co-owner

As the axiom states “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but a story told through video can tell millions of words in moments, but it takes passion to accomplish this. It is with this passion for story telling that Josiah began pursuing filming as a boy. Born and raised in Idaho, Josiah is currently living in Idaho, but has traveled around the world, including working at Wilderness Pro Lodge in Alaska where he did construction, videography and guiding. Creating has always been his passion. Having an idea and bringing it to life, is what fuels his passion for videography and photography. In his spare time he enjoys rock climbing, bodybuilding, and modeling. He has appeared in tv commercials, magazines, and runway fashion shows. He is an entrepreneur, a “Go Getter” and is able to dream big and works hard to turn those dreams into reality.


Twitter: @josiahness  –  Instagram: @josiahness

Erica Kovacic - Producer / Project Manager


Jacob Hotovy - Editor / Stunt Man


My three Ps: passion, patience, perseverance. You have to do this if you’ve got to be a filmmaker.
— Robert Wise